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Although Habibi was too young in those years to be familiar with the rules of the business world, and Datis’ company ceased operations shortly thereafter due to non-payment from his customers, he continued his business activities with full vigor and energy.

Habibi, who has a degree in computer software, spent the period from 1996 to 2000 improving his knowledge of computers and the Internet, as well as web design, a very new and popular field at the time, until the most fateful event in his personal and professional life occurred in 2000.

That year he got married, but little did he know that this emotional bond would be the cornerstone of his becoming one of the largest manufacturers of specialized photography and video equipment in the country. That same year, Habibi began working in the company of his father-in-law, Mr. Sherafat, called "Alton," which was one of the largest importers of photography and video equipment in Iran.

The first product Habibi produced with the help of his creative mind and technical intellect was roll-up banner stands, which consisted of two camera tripods. This product was introduced to the Iranian advertising market in 2003 and was very well received.