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After that, Habibi, who was always looking for professional growth and personal development, expanded his knowledge of photography equipment day by day until, with the help of his father-in-law and extensive research on the Internet, he was able to keep his information in this field so up-to-date that he even surpassed many photographers and videographers in the country.

Then, in 2006, with the help of his brother, he created his second product, a translated educational software that was introduced to the Iranian photography community in the form of a USB flash drive. In this way, Habibi officially entered the film and photography industries, and it was not long before he founded ILKEEN with his good friend and colleague Reza Pasha Oskoei.

Habibi, who had learned a lot in his years of entrepreneurship, believed that if he wanted to succeed with his independent business, he had to be able to offer his customers value beyond the material value of the product they bought and let them share in the destiny and history of his brand. This conviction led him to place great emphasis on customer support, even for the translated software, and to offer his customers a valuable after-sales service.

However, just five years of importing photography equipment were enough to make it clear that this work alone could not satisfy Habibi's entrepreneurial and progressive spirit.

In 2007, he finally decided to manufacture specialized photography and video equipment himself and shared his vision with his partner and colleague Reza Pasha Oskoei, a highly versatile, talented, and courageous person, which led to the creation of the ILKEEN brand.
ILKEEN’s first official product was a camera crane, which, after many challenges in the production process, was finally successfully launched with the technical support and encouragement of Oskoei, and became the first mass-produced crane in the country.

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Interestingly, without the courage and boldness of Oskoei in the first phase, when they were about to start production at ILKEEN, Habibi might not have been able to move forward and realize his vision because of his perfectionism, which made him hesitate a little at first. And if Oskoei's courage and Habibi's perfectionism had not come together that day, the ILKEEN brand might not have been born and reached its current greatness. After successfully manufacturing camera cranes, they launched the first and best Iranian camera tripods. A few years later, ILKEEN started manufacturing video equipment and continued its success step by step until today, when the company is at the pinnacle of fame, authority, and prestige.

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